Town House | North Villas NW1

Project Features

  • Marble tiles to master bathroom.
  • Bespoke joinery to all principal areas.
  • Stone clad kitchen.
  • Micro cement to bathroom and natural timber flooring.
  • New lighting design and smart controls AV system to all principal areas.
  • Cantilevered steel core staircase.


Private Client

Project Value


Contract Period

32 Weeks


ASA Hjort Architects

Interior Designer




PT Projects

An exquisite North London townhouse.

We undertook a comprehensive renovation of the master bathroom, embellishing it with exquisite marble tiles that exude timeless elegance and unparalleled beauty. Throughout the space, we employed bespoke craftsmanship, incorporating tailored joinery in every corner to elevate functionality to an art form. Our efforts extended to the kitchen, where luxurious stone cladding instilled a sense of grandeur and style. In the bathrooms, we introduced modernity by incorporating micro cement and LG flooring, seamlessly harmonising durability with contemporary aesthetics. Illuminating the surroundings, we installed new lighting designs and integrated smart AV controls into all principal areas, ensuring both ambiance and convenience at our clients’ fingertips. Additionally, we implemented a cantilevered steel core staircase, serving as a striking architectural feature that embodies both strength and grace, allowing our clients to ascend in style.

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