Commercial | Old Queen Street SW1H

Project Features

  • Reconfiguration to allow for new residential, office and commercial premises.
  • Installation of a commercial kitchen.
  • Front of house marble bar.
  • New hand painted timber effect front facade.
  • Bespoke library function area.
  • Reclaimed Winston Churchill war rooms flooring.


Private Client

Project Value


Contract Period

72 Weeks


Chris Dyson

Interior Designer


Price & Myers


PT Projects

The creation of a multipurpose commercial space, retaining and restoring unique historical features.

This unique and exciting project encompassed a complete reconfiguration of the space, accommodating new residential, office and commercial premises. A sophisticated full commercial kitchen was seamlessly integrated, complemented by a stunning customer-facing marble bar. Noteworthy details included the incorporation of reclaimed wooden flooring sourced from Winston Churchill’s war rooms, adding a touch of history and character to the space.

Additionally, distinctive features like the hand-painted timber-effect front facade and the creation of a bespoke library-style function room added unique charm and functionality to the project.

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